Lilith Nassuri

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Never give me orders. I am a dominatrix I do not take orders. anyone who comes into my room expecting me to do as they wish, please look elsewhere. Everything I do, I do because I want you, YOU are not the one in control here. You would be wise to remember that.

Dominating you, making you submit to me, enslaving you, financial domination, teasing and then denying you, verbally humiliating you, cuckolding you.

You are my husband, sadly lacking in the cock department and I'm your hot wife, an exotic beauty with a lust for sex. YOU can't fulfill me so, naturally I turn to others who can, leaving you alone, at home to wait for me while I visit the nightclub of my choice and pick a man to satify me.After I return home to you, I regale you with the tales of my exploits ridiculing the size of your micro-endowment and mocking you cruelly while I make you beg to know more. In the end I debase you so much you're on your knees before me begging for a taste of my lover's hot cum, still inside me. I refuse you of course but I grudgingly allow you to come on my boot, after you pay me handsomely.I do say psychological humiliation along with financial control is the very best form of putting a submissive in his place, don't you agree?Of course you do, now get on your knees, and say it, I want to hear a nice, loud "YES MISTRESS!"Lilith Nassuri paprika19 cam4 Lilith Nassuri isquirtclean porn videos Lilith Nassuri adrenalinforu download Lilith Nassuri intitle:index of inurl:double penetration dance Lilith Nassuri "kristinechase" video Lilith Nassuri free naked skype chats Lilith Nassuri quien es angelicbutts

Lilith Nassuri

I'm the Mistress of your dreams, luring you in with my seductive nature and then using you for my own dark desires.You'll find your will slowly slipping away as you surrender to a higher power - me. Soon you'll find yourself coming back for more and more, nothing will be too much for you in your efforts to please me, your Goddess.Be warned, I have a sadistic streak and nothing gives me greater pleasure than pushing your boundaries, limits you never even knew existed inside yourself.I can make yo do things that would make a porn star blush, all at the snap of my oh so pretty fingers.I may have an appealing exterior but within resides a dark heart - dare you enter Mistress Lilith's lair?I enjoy obedient submissives, men and women, who value intelligence as well as sensuality and who know how to treat a Goddess.If you want my attention then pay me the proper respect, the way to approach a Goddess is to tribute her for the time she bestows on you.Dare you come into my world?.

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